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It’s a Dirty Job!

18 Nov

Today we gave a kickstart to our partnership with QuadLeaks (an italian ATV -related news site) by launching the campaign “QuadLeaks ti sta adosso” (QuadLeaks is all over you). We’ll be enhancing their great job with our cool designs and supplying them with merchandising. Feedback from the internet in these first hours has been great so far! Be sure to check QuadLeaks T “Dirty Job” on our Collections page and browse our eStore.

Abbigliamento Ufficiale QuadLeaks

Visit Quadleaks website:

We’re live & kicking!

14 Nov

For the record…

Yesterday at about 9pm CET (GMT +1) we took down our dummy site and went live with our new site, it still needs some adjustments here and there so we’ll call it v.Beta 0.1. Hope you dig it.

Soon we’ll be launching our Facebook and Google+ fan pages, and continue to spread the news via our twitter account.