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The time is ripe…

6 Sep

Well at least for me! Seems like finally I’m being able to get my act together, fire up my creative engine and get the machine rolling… and hopefully rocking

My act. (Foreword)

You can call this “Part I”, in all senses, I’ve never been an early adopter and for the first time, yup that’s right, for the FIRST time I’m giving a shot at blogging, don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m shy or some kind of luddite, but I wanted to offer to my possible audience a solid concept, something that made sense to me and hopefully to you too, something that would be part of a bigger thing and that could be able to pass a clear message through!

…and soon I’ll be posting more about it!

Hello world!

21 Apr

We’ve got good manners (don’t forget that), so for the very 1st post… Hello World!

Como tenemos buenos modales (y no se olviden de eso), esta primera entrada la uso para decir… Hola a todos!
p.s.: trataré de escribir todo o parte del texto en Español