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This is the main news section for MWW –  Minimum Wage Warriors clothing.

If you landed directly on this blog here’s what MWW is:

The idea behind MWW took form in late 2010 in Turin, Italy. It’s been in the making and has come out a year later as a project that seeks to encourage, through art & design, a return to a simple but meaningful lifestyle. As Joseph Campbell once put it: ”Artists are magical helpers. Evoking symbols and motifs that connect us to our deeper selves…”. MWW is a reflection of the (tough) times we’re witnessing and a homage to the common people who fight their way through the routine each day trying to make ends meet. We create clothing for the likes of the young at heart, the adrenaline junkies, the tireless, the anti-heroes.

Currently our products are available only through our eStore.

As you can read on the main section of the blog, we’re just starting up! So content will start filling in soon, add yourself to the mix and give us a hand.

Hope you appreciate it* and hop on! Have a blast!


*P.s.: …and if you don’t, then don’t waste your time over here. Go and do something meaningful… Cheers, mate!


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